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Solar Powered air conditioning set to cool this Aussie summer


Everyone is aware of Air Conditioning, but of course not everyone has it for many reasons. Likewise, we’re all across what Solar power is, but perhaps the cost is putting you off. Now an Aussie company is combining the two with a Direct Solar powered split-system Air Conditioner from Solar ACDC.

At its heart it’s just another Split System air conditioner for sure. And the Solar Panels installed on your property are quite possibly just another set of solar panels.

But, the difference is, those Solar Panels are wired directly to the Split System Air Conditioner without the need for an inverter. This simplifies the installation and the provision of the panels as part of the Air Conditioner installation at your place.

Ideal for rural areas where access to the grid is complex or there’s a lack of power, and also ideal for those worried about the cost of running an Air Conditioner in the summer.

The roughly $4,000 cost is more than your average split-system, but it is an all inclusive cost. In theory you’ll never pay another cent for cooling of your home.

Ideally you’ll run the Air Conditioner to keep the house cool in summer (and Warm in Winter) during the sunny day, and with all the doors and windows shut, you’ll get a nice comfortable night’s sleep.

Seniors might also be eligable for free installation – further reducing that cost – under the Federal Government’s My Aged Care scheme.

Rob Miravet from Solar ACDC says “Traditional solar systems and inverters have many limitations when it comes to cooling your house; whereas solar powered air conditioners solve these issues,”

“Our Solar Air Conditioners use dedicated Photovoltaic solar panels to power the units. These units are fully DC, which means they can accept direct variable DC power from the panels even when there is no grid power. Unlike a normal solar system that will power off if it disconnects from the grid or if there is a blackout, our units will work during daylight hours on their own, so there is no need to spend huge amounts on batteries, inverters, and charge controllers. And because they work independently from the grid, you can leave them on all day without the risk of drawing expensive coal powered electricity– you can come and go as you please to a cooled or warmed environment depending on the season.”